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The Spiritual Journey

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There are times in life when you want to know who you really are, when you want to know why you’re experiencing all these problems and challenges in your life… when you want to be at peace with yourself.

These ideas makes you spend a lot of time thinking about how to get answers and then… you start wondering if there’s a spiritual connection to all these questions. You begin to look for answers spiritually and start searching…
What doesn’t become immediately clear to you is… you have already started your spiritual journey.

But unfortunately you’ll pass through the hands of many good for nothing and bad doctrines before you realize, this is your spiritual journey and you must learn how to develop your spiritual abilities in other to find an in-depth answers to the mysteries of your own life…

If you feel this way… you’re always welcome to Divine Mystic Lodge for your spiritual development!

And The Best Part Is…

If you feel this way… you’re always welcome to join Divine Mystic Lodge for your spiritual development!

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  1. Atta Felix Mansoh

    I’m at this point in my life that I don’t know whether to quit or give up. No answer quenches the questions burning in me. And I don’t know which way to go. All that I believe is, ‘the journey has started’ but I’m not sure of the destination. The sense of failure is what scares me.

    1. Admin

      Take heart and don’t give up.
      In your quest for spiritual development, always remember that “The Master appears only, when the student is ready”

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