Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Books of Moses


Book containing Moses magical arts.


This book is divided into three parts. The first part contains The Legends of Moses the Man and Moses the Magician, which brings to life who Moses really was. It includes the legends of him as a magician found both inside and outside of the Bible. Part Two is How the Sacred Writings of Moses were Lost, which explains how additional books of Moses, beyond the first five books of the Bible, can be accounted for and what is in them. Part Three is called The Book of Miscellaney, which reveals the magical applications of Moses’ additional books. This section includes the 44 Secret Keys to Universal Power, various magical seals, and explains the modern influence of the Kabbalah, which traces it to a Mosaic origin. This final section also includes a chart of all the revelations made by Moses to various people in the Bible. This is an excellent book combining hard-to-find historical information on Moses with the magical power that can be associated with him.


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